MAC Pairs
MAC Pairs can be filtered using the macpair keyword. Addresses may be filtered using the ‘from,’ ‘to,’ or both addresses or a range of addresses.
MAC Pairs address filters cannot include ports, only addresses.
MAC address pair traffic in both directions
"filter": "macpair 7C:FA:DF:9A:B1:4C<->34:DB:FD:35:6f:52"
MAC address pair traffic from addr1 to addr2
"filter": "macpair 7C:FA:DF:9A:B1:4C->34:DB:FD:35:6f:52"
MAC address pair traffic to addr1 from addr2
"filter": "macpair 7C:FA:DF:9A:B1:4C<-34:DB:FD:35:6f:52"
MAC address pair traffic from a range from addr2
The - character is used to separate ranges. When creating a range, the address before - must be lower than or occur before the ending address in the range. For example, FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF-FE:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF will fail.
"filter": "macpair 7C:FA:DF:9A:B1:4C-7C:FA:DF:9A:B1:FF<-34:DB:FD:35:6f:52"