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How to get the status of a trace extraction
Some trace files can be large and take a while to download. Use the job ID to see how much of the file has been downloaded.
Knowledge of your base URI
The job ID
1. From the Location HTTP header, find the location from which to get the corresponding Observer job object.
Location: '/obs/api/v1/jobs/{id}'
2. Send a GET request to the URI of the job object to retrieve the status of the trace extraction job.
The job object will indicate a job status value along with a percentage complete. Large trace files may take some time to complete. You may continue to issue GET requests for this object to update any progress indicators.
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"data": {
"job": {
"id": "01FDA3B2-464D-81C6-3BFC-BCAEC5415579",
"status": "IN_PROGRESS",
"queuePosition": 0,
"progress": 40,
"location": "/obs/api/v1/jobs/01FDA3B2-464D-81C6-3BFC-BCAEC5415579",
"etag": "2ACD95DD7846E4119BCFBCAEC5015590"
The trace file is complete and ready to be downloaded when the jobs object progress indicates 100% and the status field is set to COMPLETE.