REST API status codes
Observer Platform tries to return useful HTTP status codes for every API request. Listed below are the codes that may be returned.
Codes in the 2xx range are successful messages. Everything went as planned and changes were applied to the server.
Codes in the 4xx range are errors made by the API client (i.e., you). No changes were made to the server. Please identify the source of the error, correct it, and try again.
Codes in the 5xx range indicate a problem with the server (i.e., us). Let Technical Support know if you encounter one of these codes.
HTTP status code
The object was created.
Bad Request
The request was invalid for some reason and could not be understood by the server. This is often due to malformed syntax. No action was taken by the server. The message will provide more details. Some examples:
cryptoki dll not found or invalid
Invalid JSON data
HTTP Accept header types not supported
The request requires user authentication. Typically occurs if your session has timed out because of inactivity. See How to create a REST API session.
Not Found
The server could not find a matching URI. Please confirm the URI and endpoint and try again.
Result set not found
Method Not Allowed
The method used for the endpoint is not allowed. For example, this occurs if you try to GET /dashboardResults when in fact you must POST them.
Precondition Failed
Non-matching eTags. This occurs if you attempt to submit a change on the non-latest version of an object. To correct, GET the object and resubmit the PUT.
Internal Server Error
Something is wrong with the server. Please contact Technical Support.