Observer Platform was released March 19, 2020.
How to upgrade to version 18 of the Observer Platform
For version 17 to version 18 upgrades executed through OMS, you must ensure that you have your NEW version 18 asset licenses added in OMS prior to the upgrade, otherwise the upgrade WILL NOT WORK.
Refer to How to add a license for procedures on manually adding your license(s) to OMS. If you have a license (.lic) file containing all of your verions of 18, then refer to How to import a license for procedures on importing your licenses to OMS.
To receive your new version of 18 asset licenses, please contact our Technical Assistance Center at nisupport@viavisolutions.com or call +1 800-526-7919 (for Americas) and niuksupport@viavisolutions.com or call +44 1959-569-880 (for Non-Americas). Please have your current asset license keys and/or product serial numbers available.
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
New Features
Added V18 support to all Observer products.
Apex now accepts GigaFlow data sources to report combined flow and packet data. New workflow widgets, key fields, and data fields added to explore flow data.
Apex Forensic traffic analysis mode added for deep dive metadata and flow exploration.
Revamped Apex filtering mechanism for ease of use and higher visibility.
Fixed Issues
There are 10 notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer Analyzer
OBS-12001 Saving expert data in CSV results in empty file without any data
OBS-12112 VoIP Network Trending settings not being retained while Observer is in Service Mode
OBS-12180 Multi-GigaStor Analysis not displaying all files
OA-8833 Apex Threshold ‘Below’ Warning/Critical Values Set to 0 in Some Cases
OA-10281 Graph series colors assigned out of order
OA-10357 Miscellaneous Data Source form cosmetic fixes
OA-10465 Line graph legend selection not functioning like other graph widgets
OA-10510 Apex threat map web socket remains open to GigaFlow when GF is offline
Capture Card
CAP-169 Gen3 1/10Gb Capture Card Drops Packets When Mixing 10Gb Fiber and 100Mb Copper Ports Simultaneously
CAP-190 Specific sequence of events bricks Gen3 capture card