Observer Platform was released October 4, 2019.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
New Features
Upgraded Observer Web Server to Apache 2.4.41 Each release of Observer ships with the most up to date version of Apache using the most up to date version of OpenSSL.
Upgraded Observer product suite to use OpenSSL 1.0.2s Each release of Observer ships with the most up to date version of the OpenSSL library.
Added Observer and Apex support for ObserverONE platform ObserverONE is a new single box hardware appliance that is capable of running the three main VIAVI products:
Improved Apex workflow report render times Apex workflow renders time improvements to facilitate expedient reporting for small to large enterprises.
Apex Threat MapThreat Map added to Apex for black list, syn activity, and profile exception reporting when attached to GigaFlow
Observer Analyzer
Doubled network trending conversation tracking limits for large, huge, and maximum memory profiles Double the conversation tracking limits in Observer Analyzer – Network Trending for high fidelity metadata reporting
Fixed Issues
There are 8 notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer Analyzer
OBS-11522 SNMP not always correctly identified in Expert and Network Trending modes
OBS-11438 Fixed crash when running Observer in ‘Service’ mode
OA-9035 Special characters incorrectly rejected for site/subnet names in Apex
OA-8916 Changes to Apex user profile incorrectly requires admin rights
OA-8760 Share dashboard feature opens dashboard with incorrect data source and time range
OA-8372/OA-8351 Observer not always correctly identifying RTP traffic for Apex reporting
OA-8243 Some scenarios causing Apex site map pins to be misplaced
Capture Card
CAP-170 Occasional traffic being reported on capture card ports containing no traffic