Observer Platform was released May 24, 2019.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
New features
There are no new features in this release.
Fixed issues
Below is the list of 14 issues fixed in this release.
Observer Management Server
OMS-1709 There is no license expiry message displayed for OMS trial licenses
Observer Analyzer
OBS-11520 NiTrendingSrv.exe restarting for some cases of SCTP server determination
OBS-11439 Several keep-alive scenarios not being detected resulting in higher app response time and lower User Experience Scores in Apex
OBS-11433 NiTrendingSrv.exe restarting under certain scenarios of machine learning
OBS-11423 GigaStor capture stops under certain conditions where a write failure occurs
OBS-11418 App response time machine learning for L7 protocols failing to kick in when TCP options are present
OBS-11117 GigaStor control panel not indexing physical ports correctly
OBS-11498 Added SSL decryption support for the Extended Master Secret Extension (RFC7627)
Observer Apex
OA-8296 Apex Trace Extraction time range is off by several hundred milliseconds
OA-8242 In some scenarios Apex will not report data for widgets containing User Experience Score
OA-8225 Some filters are being duplicated when drilling down between reports in Apex
OA-8206 Data retention setting in Apex incorrectly allowing entry of less than 10 days
OA-8197Apex license settings screen not showing managed by OMS
OA-7714 On Demand Application Dependency Maps not sorting connections worst to best in some scenarios
OA-6244 Apex site import conflict resolution dialog not always flagging subnet errors when present