Observer Platform was released November 27, 2017.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
New Features
The new features listed here were added with this release.
Restored the ability to change colors in Connection Dynamics. This was removed in Any custom color settings you have from pre- are retained.
Fixed issues
The list below are 14 customer-reported and other notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer and GigaStor Control Panel
OBS-8475 TCP Events sometimes fails to identify Retransmissions
OBS-8935 TCP Dump "View > Data with File Links" can Hide Request Continuation Data
OBS-9974 Files reassembled from an FTP connection are not saved causing GigaStor Control Panel Reconstruct Stream to stop working.
OBS-10324 VoIP Events may not report lost packets if virtually all packets are lost
OBS-10469 Adding more than 25 applications at once to an ATA subnet range definition in Network Trending crashes Observer
OBS-10612 Adding more than 4 Virtual Adapters causes system to crash
OBS-10628 Applications containing no Network Delay and Server Response Values may not report in Apex
OA-2224 Utilization data fields appear to round incorrectly below .001%
OA-3801 Sharing a dashboard is not carrying over applied filters
OA-4155 Auto-refresh creates a duplicate filter icon every time it processes
OA-5001 Auto-refresh is not continuing to display the current widget results while refreshing
OA-5346 On-Demand ADM showing duplicate applications for the same client
OA-5401 Unable to select a data source when creating Apex alarms
OA-5540 ADM may return inconsistent results