Observer Platform was released September 15, 2017.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
New Features
The new features listed here were added with this release.
Observer GigaStor
GigaStor sends notifications when it is running but is not writing data. Using this new alarm you can quickly respond so that you are not missing potentially critical packet data.
Added support to the Gen3 capture card for 10BASE-T SFP+.
Fixed issues
The list below are 22 customer-reported and other notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer and GigaStor Control Panel
OBS-10654 Encapsulated Analysis Not Working in Network Trending
OBS-10332 Reserved Memory is lost after Windows 10 Feature Update is applied
OBS-10245 Gigastor Packet capture stops abruptly
OBS-10563 Observer rapidly consumes all memory when .ODAT files are missing/moved
OBS-10465 During configuration of Network Trending, NiTrendingSrv may crash
OBS-10516 Fixed an issue that caused NiTrendingSrv to crash while collecting packet data
OBS-10521 Resolved error of "encountered improper argument" when using Top Talkers settings
OBS-10572 HTTP reply packets were sometimes decoded as Continuation Packets
OBS-10621 Observer crashes when loading a referenced T.38 capture file containing a custom T.38 Fax port which has been previously defined
OBS-10503 Inability to bring back the Log Window after hiding it
OBS-8694 Capture card drops all packets when port description is changed
OBS-10546 Network Trending dashboard graph is graphing Packets/sec instead of Bits/sec
OBS-7798 Expert Summary graph is inaccurately calculating Bytes/sec and Bits/sec
OBS-8745 ToS/QoS settings not translating to decode summary
OBS-8672 Log Settings are not set to Immediately Save Log Entries
OBS-9973 Stream reconstruction for FTP produces a 400 page, if run from GigaStor Control Panel
OA-4863 Job Menu not collecting newly created Trace Extraction or Connection Dynamics
OA-4460 ADM produces no metrics or connection statistics under certain circumstances
OA-5123 Widget never renders in certain scenarios
OA-5134 Single Direction Network Delay greater than 200ms should be valid in Connection Dynamics to allow for probes located at or near one side of the conversation or the other
OMS-1615 OMS update causes errors in IE, and all drop downs become unusable
OMS-1604 Auto-deletion of Log files in OMS not working properly