Observer Platform was released April 26, 2016.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
Fixed issues
The list below are 28 customer-reported and other notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer and GigaStor Control Panel
OBS-9047 Observer stops responding when handling multiple concurrent REST API trace extraction requests
OBS-8985 Observer can Continuously Spawn Observer.exe Processes when Run as a Service
OBS-8901 Observer Suite stops responding due to priority inversion issue
OBS-8811 Observer stops responding when using an extremely large filter
OBS-7912 RTP packets are misidentified as RTCP packets
OBS-8147 Observer does not decrypt WebSphere MQ traffic when TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256 is used
OBS-9011 Stream Reconstruction causes GigaStor probes to stop responding in certain circumstances
OBS-7911 VoIP Expert miscalculated the Initial Setup Duration value for certain SIP calls
OBS-8375 GigaStor Control Panel stops capturing packets if Microburst Analysis Settings are changed on a redirected Active Instance
OBS-9015 Observer is unable to decrypt packets encrypted with the following cipher suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256
OBS-8692 Protocol definitions sent to OMS from Observer are not applied to probes instances
OBS-8920 Renaming a shared filter in Observer confuses OMS
OBS-8678 Application response time graph - Bytes bar color settings do not take effect
OBS-8877 Discrepancies in VoIP Analysis Graph
OBS-9134 Observer stops responding when using Ad Hoc ATA in some situations
OBS-8643 Incorrect values on the VLAN Summary and Stations tabs in Observer Decode
OBS-8875 The Bits/sec setting is not shown for some Decode tabs
OA-2720 Cannot view a row of data in the IP Application Conversations table because of the scroll bar
OA-2286 Duplicate Scheduled Reports, Alarms, and LDAP Synchronization occurs when running Apex failover
OA-2888 Secondary Apex crashes when using Failover and creating a scheduled report
OA-2440 Some PDF Reports render incorrectly because of Windows DPI settings
OA-2669 Scrolling the web page up or down inadvertantly zooms the ADM widget
OA-2817 Apex displays tags as lowercase but considers them case-sensitive
OA-2822 Dashboard filters obscure the ability to drill down into reports in some circumstances
OMS-1494 OMS Authentication Stops Responding Under Certain Circumstances
DOC-1104 Widget rows tool tips are inaccurate on row count available
DOC-999 OMS does not allow use of a space in User Names, User Groups or Asset Groups
DOC-1204 Incorrect ADM Widget - Discover Connections tooltip information