Observer Platform was released December 2, 2016.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
New Features
The new features listed here were added with this release.
The GigaStor Gen3 has officially landed
Tuned hardware-software design in the brand new GigaStor models achieve simultaneous line-rate capture and the fastest packet capture mining in the industry for nearly instant network traffic awareness.
High performance, in-house designed Gen3 capture card speeds packet analysis and shortens MTTR.
GigaStor Accelerated Analysis has been taken to a new level
Data mining speed is now 10x—1,000x faster than architecture when utilizing IP or IP Pairs.
Accelerated analysis is now extended into many post-capture analysis tools, like Connection Dynamics and others.
These analysis tools can process and display all relevant packets in just seconds when it used to take minutes before.
Apex Enterprise and Apex Workgroup can perform GigaStor trace extractions
Previously exclusive to Observer Apex Lite, every type of Apex installation can now take advantage of GigaStor trace extraction jobs.
Download packet data from any GigaStor system using just a web browser.
Save off packet captures that you can open and analyze in your favorite tools—on-demand, from anywhere you are.
No interaction with Observer means you can use any computer, operating system, and supported web browser.
Apex is now easier than ever to get started with and use
Apex delivers new, easy-to-follow workflows that can be started from the launch page.
The new starting point is great for diving into network, application, or unified communication dashboards that go multiple levels deep.
Entering any information you know allows Apex to guide your next steps.
Start a GigaStor trace extraction job on nearly any viewable piece of information.
Apex dashboards are significantly quicker to start showing results
Apex dashboards used to wait for all widgets to finish retrieving data before any results were shown.
Now running an Apex dashboard displays each widget’s results as they arrive.
Each widget fetches its own data and is individually rendered in your dashboard.
Users of the REST API can continue to use the dashboardResults endpoint if desired.
LTE Trending and 4G LTE Analysis have been deprecated in Observer
Network Trending Observer can no longer collect LTE statistics.
4G LTE Analysis is no longer available in the GigaStor Control Panel.
The advance notice of LTE removal was delivered May 31, 2016 in the release notes.
See the Documentation Change Log for a list of documentation updates listed by product.
Fixed issues
The list below are 10 customer-reported and other notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer and GigaStor Control Panel
OBS-9806 GigaStor dumps the FIFO upon closure of the Active Instance's GigaStor Control Panel dialog
OBS-9184 Unable to modify Network Trending Settings
OA-3209 When Data Source disconnects and then reconnects, then connection state does not change back to "Connected" (true)
OA-3459 Station Performance - Worst Applications By Network Delay Widget Accessing Invalid Memory
OA-3595 Applications Longer than 24 Characters Are Truncated and Cause Unintended Filter Behaviors
OA-3294 TCB Alignment and Rendering Causes Tables to Become Too Wide
OA-3060 New Apex Installation Unable to be Managed by OMS Prior to Being Licensed
OA-3423 Widgets with the Data Source key field and Network Utilization data fields do not return data from Observer Apex
OA-3314 Fill Graphs are not being graphed correctly, as lower value fill graphs are being graphed behind larger value fill graphs
DOC-1895 Broken cross-references in Upgrading to v17 Observer doc
Known issues
The list below represents issues identified by VIAVI about this release that may impact some users.
Observer and GigaStor Control Panel
OBS-9922 Some network packets may drop while redirecting an active instance from a GigaStor system to an Observer installation.
OBS-9923 While interacting with a redirected active instance, some network packets may drop while the GigaStor Control Panel is capturing and data is clearing from a live statistics tool using the Clear button.
OA-3449 The same probe can be added to Apex multiple times. For example, adding a data source by IP address and adding it a second time using DNS is possible.