Observer Platform was released September 23, 2016.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
Fixed issues
The list below are 3 customer-reported and other notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer and GigaStor Control Panel
CAP-10 Updated 40 Gb 2010 capture card drivers
OBS-9543 Log entries with an empty description are periodically created
OA-3313 Widget and dashboard creation causes Apex to crash in Chrome (v53)
Known issues
The list below represents issues identified by VIAVI about this release that may impact some users.
Owners of the 40 Gb 2010 Gen2 capture card should skip
CAP-10 After its release, an issue was identified in that can affect the stability of 40 Gb 2010 Gen2 capture cards only. If you own a 40 Gb 2010 Gen2 capture card, do not install and instead skip directly to installing The known issue is avoided by not installing