Observer Platform was released May 31, 2016.
How to upgrade Observer Platform
The process for upgrading each product is available by following the information at these links.
New Features
The new features listed here were added with this release.
Web based packet capture extraction via web form
Download packet data from any GigaStor system using just a web browser.
Save off packet captures that you can open and analyze in all your favorite tools—on-demand and from anywhere you are.
No interaction with Observer means this can be done using any computer, operating system, and supported web browser.
High Resolution Reporting in Apex
Dashboard reports now collect and show 10x denser reporting data than before.
Reporting periods now support 1-minute intervals and can produce absolutely precise time ranges.
The number of widget plot points has been vastly increased for finer granularity and less averaging across larger reporting periods.
New GigaStor Software Editions (GSE) 32, 48, 64 TB
New additional GSE packet capture retention options: 32 TB, 48 TB, 64 TB.
The GigaStor Software Edition is a flexible capture solution that is great for virtual machines and conventional hardware.
Centralized TLS version control using OMS
Mitigate existing and unforeseen TLS security flaws in all of your Observer Platform products in just a few clicks.
Enforce that no less than your chosen minimum Transport Layer Security (TLS) version is used for HTTPS and asset-to-asset communication.
TLS version control also extends its invaluable protection to managed assets being entered through REST API calls or a web browser.
New timestamp support using Arista trailers
Observer and the GigaStor can now reorder packets according to Arista timestamp trailers.
High-resolution timestamps from Arista Networks negate the added delay of network equipment by timestamping ingress packets only as they exit an egress interface.
Accurate timestamps are crucial when examining network events, and now the Observer Platform has even greater 3rd-party timestamp support.
Timestamp trailers for PacketPortal are auto-detected in decode
Observer and the GigaStor can now automatically decode PacketPortal timestamp trailers without first reordering them./>
Ever-increasing integration with other VIAVI product families is a perk of the Observer Platform.
Apex Workgroup and Enterprise shows instances and business groups
Dashboard reports are now capable of direct access to probe instances instead of just through business groups.
Probe instances can now be directly chosen for dashboard reports so it’s easier to find information and tailor your reports.
Apex jump-to-report via shareable URL
Share your current view of a dashboard with someone else by sending them a simple URL.
Allow the other person to see exactly what you see, as the URL retains the filtering, times, data source, and visual choices you made.
Instance based alarms & scheduled reports
Setting up an alarm or scheduled report for individual probe instances is now possible.
Both Apex alarms and scheduled reports can be made for individual probe instances instead of only business groups.
Microsoft Edge browser support in Apex & OMS
Microsoft Edge—the flagship web browser of Windows 10—is officially supported by Apex and OMS.
Thorough lab testing and tweaks have assured that Microsoft Edge provides a robust user experience in Apex and OMS.
Combined install — Observer & Apex Lite
All installations of Observer now come pre-bundled with Apex Lite, a free-of-cost integrated reporting application.
Apex Lite is a value-rich offering that provides web-based reporting for the Observer Platform system it is installed on only.
Fully licensed Apex—not Apex Lite—continues to be our premier reporting solution and can aggregate metrics from multiple Observer Platform products throughout your network.
Notice: Future removal of LTE support
Support for LTE Trending and 4G LTE Analysis will be deprecated in Observer
Observer 17.1.1.x will be the last version to support these LTE features in Network Trending and 4G LTE Analysis in the GigaStor Control Panel.
See the Documentation Change Log for a list of documentation updates listed by product.
Fixed issues
The list below are 11 customer-reported and other notable issues fixed in this release.
Observer and GigaStor Control Panel
OBS-9266 Observer 'transferring' trending files to Apex-Lite on the same machine
OBS-9280 Observer crashes when transferring data to Apex
OBS-9020 Network Trending Files are not Properly Transferred Between Single Probes and Expert Console
OBS-8576 Memory Leak can Cause the Gigastors to Freeze and Stop Collecting Data
OBS-7809 GigaStor's SIP call extraction isn't properly taking into account directionality (from/to) of calls
OA-3010 Yes/No buttons do not work in 'Switch to Primary Apex' web client dialog
OA-2432 'NOT' Filter, applied to dashboards, can cause dashboards to display more data than when the filter is not applied
OA-2889 Time graphs may not plot under certain circumstances
OA-2823 By-Time Fill Graphs displaying inconsistently for some data fields
OA-2922 Unable to add more than 11 rows of widgets to a single Apex dashboard
DOC-1549 This vs. Last in Apex Dashboards
Known issues
The list below represents issues identified by VIAVI about this release that may impact some users.
Future removal of LTE support
Support for LTE Trending and 4G LTE Analysis will be deprecated in Observer 17.1.1.x will be the last version to support these LTE features in Network Trending and 4G LTE Analysis in the GigaStor Control Panel.