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What happens if my TAP loses power?
The High Density Optical TAP, Optical TAP, and the 40 Gb Multimode TAP do not have any electrical components and are not affected in any way by a loss of power.
The 10/100 Copper TAP, Optical-to-Copper Conversion, and Optical-to-Copper Aggregator TAPs do not require any power on the Link ports. When a loss of power occurs, the Analyzer ports stop working, but the Link ports stay connected without any need for the endpoint devices to renegotiate their connection.
If a Gigabit Copper TAP, Copper-to-Optical Conversion, or Copper-to-Optical Aggregator TAP loses power, several things happen.
The failover relays close, creating a direct connection between the two Link ports.
The Analyzer ports stop providing data to your analyzer(s).
The endpoint devices connected through the Link ports lose their connection, but after a small delay (typically 5 seconds) they will reconnect. The length of the delay is entirely dependent on the endpoint devices themselves.
While the TAP has no power, the Link ports pass traffic between the endpoint devices, but none of that traffic is copied and sent to the analyer(s) until the TAP has power. When power is re-established, the endpoint devices will again re-negotiate their connection with the TAP, at which time traffic flows to the endpoints and to the analyzer(s).