How to upgrade to Windows 10
Due to the way Microsoft has designed its Windows® 10 operating system upgrade feature, OMS will not function if you upgrade your operating system from Windows 7, Vista or Windows 8 to Windows 10 without first uninstalling OMS.
This information does not apply if you:
Already uninstalled OMS.
Are installing Windows 10 rather than upgrading to it.
Are already using Windows 10.
Are upgrading using the Observer Platform OS Upgrade product because it replaces the operating system rather than upgrading it. Additionally, it uses Windows Server 2016.
Note: Unfortunately, if you have already upgraded the operating system and OMS was not uninstalled prior to upgrading to Windows 10, the only path to recovery is to reinstall the operating system. Back up any OMS files on the operating system, reinstall the operating system, then install OMS and restore its files.
To upgrade a system with OMS to Windows 10:
1. Back up your settings.
2. Uninstall OMS using Control Panel > Program and Features.
3. Upgrade your operating system.
4. Install the OMS software.
5. Restore your settings from step 1 using whatever method is best for you.
OMS is now available to use on Windows 10.