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How to download upgrades for upgrade policies to use
Upgrade policies, that are configured to transfer or install new software versions, rely on files downloaded from VIAVI by OMS. Configure your download settings to ensure new versions are brought into OMS and can be pushed to assets using an upgrade policy.
Some settings must remain configured for OMS to automatically download software upgrades for upgrade policies make use of. Otherwise, upgrade policies that are configured to transfer or install new software versions must wait for an OMS administrator to manually check for and download these files from the VIAVI upgrade repository.
Note: Firmware updates to the capture card are bundled with Observer software upgrades. During installation of an Observer software upgrade, any firmware updates available to your capture card will be applied.
To ensure software upgrades are automatically being downloaded for your upgrade policies to make use of, follow these steps:
1. Starting in the dashboard, click Version > Upgrade Versions.
2. Select one by clicking a table row.
3. Click the preferences icon .
4. Ensure Check for upgrades is selected in the General Preferences area, as it is enabled by default.
If selected, OMS periodically checks for upgrades. Scheduled transfers and installs rely on knowing if new versions exist.
5. In the Download Preferences area, configure a Download upgrades schedule to be Daily or Day of Week and set one or more time frames for downloads to occur.
Example: For example, click Daily. Next, ensure the Daily Schedule check box is selected. Then, click the plus symbol (+) to create a new time frame. Finally, click the newly created time frame to adjust the hours when downloads can occur, and click OK.
6. Click the accept icon .
You successfully configured OMS to automatically check for upgrades and download them according to a schedule. The downloaded upgrades are used by upgrade policies configured to transfer or install software upgrades.