Authorization list
The user group permissions in NIMS have been consolidated and simplified in OMS.
Administer—Grants users the ability to administer probes and probe instances.
Log User Activity—Grants users the ability to view log file activity.
Protocol Definitions—Grants users the ability to view protocol definitions.
Redirect—Grants users the ability to change where a probe instance is connected.
Shared Filters—Grants users the ability to modify filters marked as shared in Observer.
Artifact Reconstruction
Reconstruct Stream—Controls whether HTML and other non-VoIP streams can be reconstructed.
Voice and Video Playback—Control whether VoIP content can be reconstructed.
Observer Apex
No Access: Use of Apex is denied.
User: User may create and use:
Application Dependency Mapping
Execute dashboards
System: Cannot use anything in User, but may
Change options under System
Use the log
Connect to a GigaStor
Use a drill down
Set and manage alarms
Admin/Full: User and System access.
Observer Infrastructure
Access Level—
No Access: Use of OI is denied.
User: User may connect to device groups.
System: User access, plus Connect to device groups and view status and properties.
Edit device groups.
Start/stop polling.
Admin/Full: System access, plus Create and delete device groups and routes.
Activate device groups.
Edit maps.
Web Reports—Grants users ability to view reports in a web browser.
Observer Management Server
Access Level—
No Access: Use of OMS is denied.
System: Allows the user the ability to change options under System.
Admin/Full: System access, plus ability to control (add, modify, delete):
Asset groups
Auto-adding assets and licenses
Shared filters
Shared protocols
User groups
Auto-Add Asset & License—Grants users the ability to auto-add new assets to OMS plus license them if System > Settings is set to allow those.
More details about user group permissions—known as authorization policies in OMS—can be found at Understanding permission policies in the OMS User Guide.
Figure 10: This settings page is located at: Auth > Authorization under New or Edit.
OMS authorization policy settingsOMS authorization policy settings