Understanding OMS architecture
An architectural image shows the components of the Observer Platform.
OMS controls access to all parts of the Observer Platform ecosystem using its own internal list or from Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS+, or LDAP.
Packets between your network devices pass through an Observer nTAP to the active probe instance on the GigaStor. Observer Suite connects to a passive instance for trending and expert data. Expert data is viewable in Observer, and trending data is available from dashboards in a web browser.
Observer Expert Console connects to a passive probe instance on a GigaStor for expert data.
Apex produces reports by consolidating trending data from numerous sources, including Observer Suite, Observer Expert (both of which may have multiple trending sources), Expert Probes, GigaStors, and Observer Infrastructure (OI).
If you are viewing an Apex dashboard whose data comes from a GigaStor, you can drill down from the dashboard into the packets on the GigaStor. This is accomplished by drilling down from a Business Group with a Data Source that is the Active Instance (running trending). To data-mine the packets using Observer, use a passive instance on the same GigaStor.
Figure 1: Observer Platform architecture