What is needed for migration
To successfully migrate from NIMS to OMS, you must have or know some items before beginning the migration. Do not uninstall NIMS. Your configuration settings will migrate from NIMS to OMS.
Table 7. What to collect before migrating from NIMS to OMS
What to have or know
Purpose for having or knowing
Version 17 license information for OMS
During the first launch of OMS, you will need to provide your version 17 identification and license numbers.
Version 17 installation file for OMS
This file is necessary for installing OMS.
The user name and password to OMS is: admin / admin
The first login to OMS requires this user name and password. No other login credentials are accepted. This user name and password must be used for configuring user access.
Only if you use Active Directory authentication in NIMS, you will need the information from the section: For Active Directory users only
Active Directory authentication will not operate as intended after migration. It must be reconfigured with new settings after your migration. The process is straightforward and documented in this migration guide.
User group permissions have been consolidated for ease-of-use, so you will need the information from the section: Authorization list
Because the user group permissions have changed (they are now called authorization policies), you should familiarize yourself with what permissions are available in OMS.
Backup of existing NIMS files and configuration
It is recommended to back up your NIMS installation. In NIMS, choose File > Export Configuration. Also, copy C:\Program Files\Network Instruments Management Server to secure, removable media.