How to import asset licenses
Existing licenses will have successfully migrated from NIMS to OMS (versions 15, 16, and 17 licenses). You can import licenses into OMS at this time if you own additional licenses that were never added to NIMS, like new version 17 licenses for Observer or GigaStor.
You must have the license file provided to you from VIAVI. It can be located on your local hard drive or a network share.
A OMS license file (.lic) is a tab delimited text file that contains all of the your asset license numbers.
Follow these steps to import licenses:
1. Starting in the dashboard, click Version > Licenses.
2. Click the import icon .
3. Click Browse.
4. Locate the license file provided to you.
5. Click the import icon .
The licenses are uploaded and now available. Available licenses can be assigned to existing assets or users who attempt to automatically add an asset can request one of the available licenses.