Global Asset Policy settings
The Global Asset Policy turns on and off core management features.
Authenticate & authorize users using OMS
If selected, users are required to provide a valid user name and password when launching an asset.
Synchronize user protocol definitions through OMS
Assets synchronize user protocol definitions through OMS. Protocol definitions created by one user are pushed to all other users. If two users using separate assets change the same definition, the last change is kept.
Get list of Probe Instances available for redirection from OMS
All local and remote probe instances to which a user has rights are visible in the asset. When cleared, only probe instances local to the asset are available; no probe instances of remote assets are shown.
Share filters with OMS
If selected, user may create and share protocol filter definitions with each other. Whenever a filter is updated, users can be informed and update their local version. The list of protocol filters is maintained centrally by OMS.
Manage licenses with OMS
If selected, a pool of licenses for each asset type is managed by OMS. When a user requests access to an asset or asset element, the asset requests one of the available licenses when it starts. If a valid license is available, the user may user that asset. The license is released when the asset is closed. To manage licenses at each asset individually, clear this box.
Auto-add assets and licenses
If selected, a new asset is created and/or license is assigned during the first successful authentication with OMS.
Cache OMS logon credentials
If selected, OMS user logon credentials are cached for a limited amount of time.
This allows temporary access to assets when OMS is unavailable for any reason.
Require login when Observer is restored from a minimized state
User credentials are required to view Observer after restoring it from the Windows taskbar.
This provides added security required by some environments. Unchecking the option reduces the security and removes the prompt for your password. The default is Enabled.
Minimum TLS version allowed
Sets the minimum Transport Layer Security (TLS) version allowed for HTTPS and asset-to-asset communication. Observer Platform products first attempt TLS 1.2 negotiation, regardless of this setting.
Example: Set to TLS 1.1 to prohibit TLS 1.0 connections -or- Set to TLS 1.2 to prohibit TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.0 connections.
All communication must negotiate into using the minimum version of TLS or higher. If it cannot, then no network connection is made. This includes REST API requests and user access to OMS and Observer Apex through a web browser.
Number of hours to cache OMS logon credentials
Sets the number of hours to cache OMS user credentials.
Assign auto-add assets to Asset Group
When an asset is added automatically, assign the asset to this asset group.
This takes effect only when Auto-add assets and licenses is selected.