What is the GigaStor?
The GigaStor is a specialized probe appliance for capturing, storing, and analyzing high levels of network traffic over long periods of time.
It includes a high-performance RAID coupled with the capture card in a rack unit. The capture card allows you to capture a number of different full-duplex media by swapping standard SFP or SFP+ modules in and out. When Observer is connected to a GigaStor probe, the GigaStor Control Panel is enabled. The GigaStor Control Panel eases many tasks involved in capturing, storing, and retrieving massive amounts of network traffic.
Tip! Place the GigaStor in the cores of data centers. Locate near servers to capture their server-to-server traffic. The distribution layer is another optimal position for GigaStor.
By utilizing network TAPs, you can insert and remove the GigaStor around the network without disruption of flow. The GigaStor reports back to Observer Expert and Observer Suite analyzers for in-depth analysis.
If desired, GigaStor can be configured as a local console for on-site analysis.