Supported time stamp and synchronization methods
Observer supports several different time stamp trailers in your packets. With these, the packets can be chronologically reordered in the order they were sent or received by a switch, router, or device, instead of the times seen by the capture card. Time synchronization methods are also available to Observer and the capture card for accurate and reliable timing for when packets are seen.
Supported time stamps for reordering
Gigamon GigaSMART
Gigamon H-Series
Network Instruments
PacketPortal PDG
VSS Monitoring
VSS Monitoring w/Port
Supported time synchronization methods
Sync capture drivers with Windows system clock during Observer launch
Each time Observer starts, the capture card drivers are synchronized with the Windows system clock one time.
Sync capture drivers with Windows system clock at scheduled times
Observer can synchronize the capture card drivers with the Windows system clock at scheduled times. These options include daily or weekly synchronizations at a specific time of day, plus an option to synchronize if the time difference exceeds a set number of seconds only.
Sync Windows system clock to internal capture card time
The Windows system clock is kept synchronized with the internal clock of the capture card. If selected, this option can greatly reduce clock drift.