How to identify your GigaStor
The capture card found in a GigaStor appliance tells you a great deal about the vintage and the capabilities of the appliance.
There are two versions of GigaStor under active maintenance. A purple version called GigaStor Gen3 and a blue version called GigaStor Gen2. The “Gen3” or “Gen2” refers to the capture card used in the appliance.
If you can see the appliance, you can easily discern which version you have by looking at its color; however, if you do not have physical access to it then you must view the capture card properties. Even if you can see the color you may not be able to identify which model of the capture card you have.
The Windows operating system used on the GigaStor appliance is a useful clue about the version, but it is not conclusive and cannot be used alone.
1. In your version of Windows, open Device Manager.
2. Find and expand one of these.
Viavi Solutions Inc Capture Adapters
Network Instruments Capture Adapters
3. Use the information in Capture card details.
With this information you can precisely know what components are in the system. Use that knowledge to learn what their capabilities are.