How to restore a GigaStor probe to factory settings
Restoring a GigaStor to factory settings is usually a last resort when all other methods to correct the issue have failed and should only be done under the direction of VIAVI Technical Support.
All captured packets and trending data on the GigaStor RAID are safe. Nothing on the RAID (D:\) is affected by this process. Only the operating system (C:\) drive is touched.
Caution: All settings, configuration data, and files on the operating system drive of the GigaStor are deleted during the restore. This includes passwords, IP addresses, domain information, etc.
These items are required for the restore process:
GigaStor Restore USB flash drive
Physical access to the GigaStor
Monitor and keyboard (connected to GigaStor)
Each restore kit is purpose-built for a specific GigaStor that you own. You must match the serial number displayed on the GigaStor Restore USB flash drive to the serial number of the GigaStor. You can locate a GigaStor serial number on the back of each unit or on the door. If you have more than one GigaStor, you must ensure each GigaStor is restored only with the GigaStor Restore USB flash drive having a matching serial number for that GigaStor.
For example, if you have three GigaStor appliances to restore, you must use three specific and separate GigaStor Restore USB flash drives—each drive only matches one GigaStor appliance.
To restore a GigaStor appliance to factory settings:
1. First, ensure all USB drives are disconnected from the GigaStor appliance.
Connected USB drives can interfere with the boot-up process and/or drive letter assignments. You will insert the GigaStor Restore USB flash drive in a future step.
2. Power down the hardware. Wait at least 15 seconds for the hard drives to spin down.
3. Insert the correct GigaStor Restore USB flash drive into a USB port of the GigaStor appliance.
The correct GigaStor Restore USB flash drive has a serial number that matches the serial number of the appliance.
4. Power on the hardware, and press Delete during boot up to enter the BIOS.
5. Press the right arrow key until the Boot screen is showing.
6. Press the down arrow key to select Boot Option #1. Press Enter.
7. Select USB Key: KingstonDataTraveler 3.0PMAP and press Enter.
The GigaStor Restore USB flash drive is now set as the first boot drive.
8. Press F4 on the keyboard to open the Save & Exit Setup window.
9. Select Yes and press Enter to confirm your changes.
The system reboots into the restore utility.
10. When the restore utility appears, select the Restore option and press Enter.
The system begins the restore operation and will take several minutes.
11. When prompted, remove the GigaStor Restore USB flash drive and press Enter to reboot the system.
Caution: Failure to remove the GigaStor Restore USB flash drive when prompted can cause incorrectly assigned drive letters!
The system restore is complete. Both the GigaStor probe software and Window operating system are already licensed. That information was included on the USB drive. You can begin using the probe. Type your login credentials after the system boots. The default password is admin, and it is case-sensitive.
If you have trouble starting Windows after following these instructions: ensure the GigaStor Restore USB flash drive is disconnected, and then re-enter the BIOS and change Boot Option #1 to be Hard Disk: <name>. Save these changes and try starting Windows.