GigaStor is full or does not have the history you expect
Your GigaStor has storage space to capture your network’s traffic. The GigaStor probe will save data until its hard drives are full (or you fill the storage capacity of a GigaStor Software Edition), then one of two things will happen.
The GigaStor will stop capturing packets and saving them to disk or it starts overwriting the oldest data first so that you have a rolling window of capture. The option that controls how the GigaStor behaves in the Settings—General Options tab.
If you do not have as much history as you think you should, then consider:
Pre-filtering your captures. Although this will provide more space for your captures, by definition you are excluding some traffic. The traffic you exclude may be just the traffic you need to analyze at some point.
Capturing only partial packets. If you do not need to analyze the payload of every packet, then consider capturing the headers of packets.
Purchasing a larger capacity GigaStor hardware probe or software license.