Understanding the capture card
The Gen3 capture card is designed and manufactured exclusively by VIAVI. This capture card is optimized for the Observer Platform and comes pre-installed in many GigaStor hardware and probe appliances.
The Gen3 capture card is a special network adapter for high-speed packet capture. The card is full-duplex and can monitor up to eight ports1 in real time. Also, the Gen3 capture card is for capturing only, so it does not send IP traffic from any of its ports.
More features of the Gen3 capture card include:
Hardware acceleration in Observer/GigaStor
Deduplication to remove duplicate packets in real time
Virtual adapters allow the creation of several logical network adapters
Accurate and reliable time stamps
Ports have individually configurable auto-negotiation
Able to mix-and-match 1Gb and 10Gb modules
Compatible with most SFP/SFP+ module choices
Note: All packets captured by the probe are time-stamped immediately as they are seen by the capture card interface. The packets are then passed to the capture buffer. This ensures the most accurate time stamp.

1 The number of ports varies from 2, 4, or 8, depending on the physical configuration of your hardware appliance.