Using the GigaStor Control Panel
This section covers the GigaStor Control Panel, its settings, and its use when you choose GigaStor from the Capture group in the Home tab.
Note: Packet decoding, Connection Dynamics, and analysis types like TCP, UDP, or VoIP Events are covered elsewhere.
After the GigaStor probe is up and running on the network, you can use an Observer to view captures from the probe. In the Observer you use a special section of the analyzer called the GigaStor Control Panel. The major section of the GigaStor Control Panel are listed in Figure 89.
Figure 89: GigaStor Detail and Outline Charts
GigaStor Control Panel Detail and Outline ChartsGigaStor Control Panel Detail and Outline Charts
The GigaStor Control Panel shows traffic on a time line graph, allowing you to select packets for decoding, analysis, and display by defining the time period you want to view, and the types of packets you want to include.
Use the sliders at the top of the time line chart to select the time period you are interested in analyzing, then click Update Chart and Update Reports to update everything to the new time frame. Right-click in the top chart to open additional controls.
Figure 90: GigaStor Control Panel Summary tab
GigaStor Control Panel Summary tabGigaStor Control Panel Summary tab
If desired, you can further constrain the display of packets by MAC Stations, IP Stations, IP Pairs, etc., by clicking on the appropriate statistics tab and selecting the items you want to see on the Detail Chart.
Press the Settings button. Under General Options, clear Enable Analysis types for whichever analysis types you do not need. This will remove them from the Reports/Statistics ribbon.
Use the left/right arrow on the Reports/Statistics ribbon to move it to the right to see the Maximize button if needed. Clicking this button maximizes or minimizes the section. Now you can more easily work with and view reports and statistics for your selected time frame. You can filter or select a specific area of interest, such as HTTP. Press the Analyze button and choose Filter Using Selected GigaStor Entries to open Expert Analysis and decode tools focused on just your area of interest.