Hardening your GigaStor
Based on your organization’s requirements, in addition to the default security settings, you may need to change various options on the GigaStor, especially for the operating system. This is sometimes called “hardening” the system.
We recommend that you stay current with the Windows Updates and patch your system accordingly. Using common sense, as well as not disabling the default Windows security options, should keep your GigaStor safe from most issues.
To successfully use your GigaStor in a production environment, we recommend the following items. Any processes beyond these will be at your organization’s discretion.
Ports 25901, 443, and 80 must be open to allow Observer Platform communication. See Ports used by Observer Platform v17 and later.
Areca Services (RAID controller). The RAID controller is responsible for writing packet capture data to disk. See GigaStor RAID Wiping and Rebuilding.
Observer/Apache Web Services. The Apache Web Service is used to serve reports for Observer Apex or Apex Lite.
Lights out Management (LOM). This may be turned off, if desired. See Configuring the Lights Out Management port.
Remote Desktop (RDP). This may be turned off, if desired.