How to import and deploy your OVA file
Importing the OVA file into your virtual machine host allows you to quickly deploy VIAVI software in your environment.
Each virtual machine host is a little different. These instructions may not exactly match your version. During the setup, a series of questions are asked about your virtualized environment. Your answers must apply to your virtualization host.
1. Confirm you received these objects in your package.
USB drive containing a single OVA file
Microsoft Windows 10 license key
License key for your product
2. Install the USB drive into a computer system accessible by your virtualization host.
3. When importing the OVA file, select Thick Provisioning Eager Zero if available.
4. From your virtualization host, choose File > Deploy OVF Template.
5. Browse to the file on the USB drive and select the OVA file.
6. Answer the configuration questions for your environment.
7. Click Finish to complete the deployment.
8. Turn on the virtual machine.
9. Open a console and configure your product.
Several things may happen or need to be completed.
Microsoft Windows 10 may perform an update. Allow this to happen.
License Microsoft Windows 10 using the provided license key.
License the VIAVI software using the provided license key.
Update the product to the latest version. See Observer upgrade.
Configure your product for use. See Observer Platform Documentation.
10. Store your USB drive and license information in a safe place.
Caution: If you lose your license for Microsoft Windows 7, VIAVI cannot replace it. You must purchase a new OVA, which comes with a new license.