How to monitor the RAID drives through email notifications
You can receive email notifications of RAID events. To do this, you must configure the RAID controller with an SMTP address for sending email, up to four email addresses as recipients, and the type of notifications to be sent.
Caution: VIAVI recommends you contact Technical Support before making any changes to the RAID. You could lose data stored on the array or reduce its performance if a mistake is made.
VIAVI uses a third party monitoring tool to monitor the RAID array developed by Areca. With it, you can be notified by email if there is an issue with the RAID array.
1. In Windows, open the program MRAID > ArcHttpSrvGui.
The program starts, but it immediately minimizes to the Windows taskbar.
2. Find the icon in the taskbar, and double-click the icon to view the Areca RAID application in a web browser.
Figure 97: Viewing the application
RAID icon in taskbarRAID icon in taskbar
3. In the leftmost panel, expand the System Functions list and click Mail Configuration.
Figure 98: RAID array email notifications
RAID email setupRAID email setup
4. Complete the page with the details for your SMTP server, email addresses to send to, and the type of notifications to send.
5. Select Confirm The Operation, and click Submit.
6. Close the web browser and minimize the Areca application to the taskbar.
Now that email notifications are set up, your configured recipients are sent an email message any time a new RAID issue occurs.