Installing Windows updates and updating virus protection
From time to time Microsoft releases updates for the operating system used for your probe or your virus protection software vendor updates their virus definitions. You should apply those updates as soon as feasible, however, you should always apply the updates manually.
We do not recommend that you allow Windows to automatically install the updates and restart the system. By manually applying the updates you ensure that the system restarts properly and that the probe starts correctly whether running as a Windows service or as an application.
For your anti-virus software, follow these guidelines:
Ensure TCP ports 25901 and 25903 are open. All Observer Platform products communicate on these ports.
Ensure UDP ports 25901 and 25903 are open if you use Observer Management Server (OMS).
For all probes, disable any scanning of the Observer installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\Observer) and of D: (RAID) drive as scanning greatly diminishes the performance of writing data to disk.
The performance of the operating system may be greatly diminished when using anti-virus software.
Under no circumstance should anti-virus scan the RAID drive (D:).