Observer GigaStor Gen4 : Observer GigaStor Gen4 (first sold January 2020)
Observer GigaStor Gen4 (first sold January 2020)
To keep up with the challenge of ever-increasing network speeds, user traffic and content, resulting in tidal waves of data to analyze, VIAVI offers the latest version of Observer, backed by the horsepower of the GigaStor Gen4. Confirmed by Tolly Research Group at 60 Gbps capture rates, this is the fastest independently validated rate available in the market, more than a 50% improvement over Gen3.
With more than a petabyte of data storage all in a 67% smaller footprint, GigaStor Gen4 allows you to store more data for longer periods of recording time without sacrificing additional rack space and consuming excessive power. Faster dashboard visualizations and EUE scoring calculations with Gen4 means you have improved operational awareness, more useful data than can be used across your network operations and security teams, and reduced time in war rooms. This means less time rooting out the cause and more time focused on resolution.
GigaStor Gen4 provides IT teams the most comprehensive, trust-worthy data source on the market for end-user experience monitoring and security analysis.
The Gen4 appliances began selling in January 2020. Each appliance includes its unique technical specifications, parts list, and installation instructions.