How to configure the JBOD IPMI port
The JBOD chassis offers intelligent management with IPMI providing hardware health monitoring and remote power control.
Your host computer must be on the same network as the JBOD IPMI interface. If necessary, change your host IP to
JBODs must be monitored separate from any head unit. Like the head unit, there is no audible alarm. You should set up alerts to notify you of any power supply issues.
1. Directly connect using your host computer to the JBOD IPMI port using an Ethernet cable.
2. On the host computer open a web browser to, and log on with the user name ADMIN and password ADMIN in caps.
If you have trouble connecting, see JBOD IPMI reset FAQ.
3. Make changes as needed, such as:
Change the ADMIN password
Change the network configuration to use DHCP
Set up alerts