How to change the monitored network adapter
If your probe has multiple network cards in it, you can choose which card you want to monitor.
This section applies to all probes and all versions of them, including Single Probe, Multi Probe, and Expert Probe on VIAVI or third party hardware.
Note: If you have a network card in your system, but it is not being seen or recognized by Observer, follow the instructions in No network adapter available.
Tip! If you are seeing only broadcast traffic, you do not have the correct network card selected or you do not have your switch port configured correctly as a SPAN/mirror port. Change the network adapter you are monitoring or configure the SPAN/mirror port.
When choosing the monitored adapter from within Observer for all probe versions:
1. In the probes list, select the probe instance.
2. Choose .
The Select Network Adapter window appears.
3. Select the network adapter you want to monitor, and click Select.
When choosing the monitored adapter on the probe for Multi Probe and Expert Probe:
1. Click Adapters and Redirection.
2. Select your probe instance and click Configure Adapter/Redirection.
The Edit Probe Instance window appears.
3. In the Selected Network Adapter area, change the network card you are monitoring.
The probe instance is now using the newly selected adapter.