How to remove your appliance from the rails
Two sets of tabs known as slide locks must be pressed to allow the appliance to be pulled toward you.
If you are removing the appliance from the cabinet, remove all of the RAID drives.
The first set of slide locks allow you to pull the appliance out part way. The second set of slide locks are used if you want to remove the appliance from the cabinet. These tabs protect you by preventing the appliance from coming out of the rack if pulled too hard.
Caution: Appliances are very heavy. Work with a partner and use extreme care when removing!
Because of the weight of the appliance, we recommend that the appliance be fully removed from the cabinet for all maintenance.
1. Pull the appliance toward you until it stops.
2. On both sides of the appliance, press the slide locks on the white plastic on the appliance and pull the appliance toward you.
Figure 47: Slide lock
3. Repeat for the second locking tab.
The appliance has been removed from the cabinet.