Parts list
Each appliance comes packed in a box or several boxes. The boxes contain the various components necessary for a successful installation.
The boxes are not numbered as listed here. The numbers merely represent how many boxes you should expect and what is contained in each one.
Box 1
1 Head unit
1 Rail kit
10-32 screws (4)
6mm screws (4)
Rails (2)
2 Power supply cables
1 Ethernet cable
2 keys for lock
1 USB drive containing restore image
1 Product Activation Information envelope containing the product license
1 Quick Start Guide
SFP transceivers (if ordered)
Box 2
24 RAID drives labeled A1-1-A1-24.
TAP media kit(s) (if ordered)
For each JBOD (5), a box that contains:
1 JBOD Unit
1 Rail Kit
2 Power supply cables
Mini-SAS cable(s)
A box that contains the RAID drives for each JBOD (5) :
24 RAID drives labeled A2-1-A2-24.
24 RAID drives labeled B1-1-B1-24.
24 RAID drives labeled B2-1-B2-24.
24 RAID drives labeled C1-1-C1-24.
24 RAID drives labeled C2-1-C2-24.
Before installing, ensure you received all of the parts required for your system.