How to set the IP address
Set the IP address of the hardware appliance while you still have physical access to it, such as immediately after it is racked and cabled. Setting the IP address ensures the hardware appliance has a visible and permanent network presence.
A running Observer Platform hardware appliance or Observer GigaFlow Appliance.
A KVM switch or keyboard, monitor, and mouse are connected. The user input devices or KVM switch are only temporarily needed to set the IP address, so you can disconnect them after the IP address is set.
The IP, subnet, and gateway or router addresses are available and known to you.
1. Log in to the Windows operating system using the Administrator account and its default password admin.
You can change the Administrator account password after logging in. See the Windows documentation if necessary.
2. In Windows, choose Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings.
The Network Connections window appears.
3. Right-click OnBoard LAN 2 and choose Properties.
OnBoard LAN 2 is the 10/100/1000 port on the right when viewing the back of the system. OnBoard LAN 1 is the Ethernet port on the left and is disabled by default.
4. Right-click ETH0 and choose Properties.
5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and click Properties.
6. Set the IP address, subnet mask, router or gateway, and DNS server for your environment and click OK.
Figure 88: Default TCP/IP settings
7. Click OK again to close the Properties dialog for that network connection.
You interact with the hardware appliance through the Apex UI.
1. Navigate to https://hostname where hostname is the IP address or DNS name for the appliance.
2. Log into the interface using the username admin and default password admin.