Observer GigaStor G3-GS : G3-GS GigaStor Appliances (end of sale February 2020) : Installing the drives in your Observer Platform appliance
Installing the drives in your Observer Platform appliance
Failure to install the drives in the proper location will result in poor read and write performance until the RAID array volume is rebuilt.
Follow these instructions to install the drives correctly before starting the appliance.
Stickers on each drive identify which slot it should be installed in. The drive labeled 1 must be installed in the upper left slot of the appliance.
1. Make sure that the appliance is turned off.
2. Locate the drives that comprise the array. The drives are labeled to show you where they should be installed in the drive cage. (Image may not exactly match your product.)
Figure 86: Appliance front (product may vary)
3. Gently insert each drive by squeezing the tabs and sliding the drive into place until the tabs can engage the slots on both sides of the drive. Do not use force!
Slightly lift the drive tabs to ease insertion.
Figure 87: Drive
4. Repeat until all of the drives are installed as labeled.
You should push each drive slightly to ensure that it is fully seated. Additionally, you may want to visually inspect all of the drives from the side to verify that they are all sitting at the same approximate depth. Check any that are protruding while the system is turned off.
5. Turn on the system, and check that every activity LED light is lit. If not, turn off the system, reinsert the corresponding drive into its cage, and confirm that it clicks into place.
The RAID drives are now in place and you can turn on the appliance.