Parts list
Each appliance comes packed in a box or several boxes. The boxes contain the various components necessary for a successful installation.
The boxes are not numbered as listed here. The numbers merely represent how many boxes you should expect and what is contained in each one.
Box 1
1 Head unit with RAID drives preinstalled
1 Rail kit
2 Power supply cables
2 Ethernet cables
1 Product Activation Information envelope containing the product license
1 Quick Start Guide
1 Label listing serial numbers of all JBODs for this system. This label appears on top of the head unit and was attached to the outside of the head unit’s box. Use this label to sort and connect the proper JBODs to the head unit.
SFP transceivers (if ordered)
For each JBOD (11), a box that contains:
1 JBOD Unit with RAID drives preinstalled
1 Rail Kit
2 Power supply cables
Mini-SAS cable(s)
Before installing, ensure you received all of the parts required for your system.