Widget types and categories
Each widget type displays information differently.
Table widgets report any type of data by summary or by time.
Graph widgets expose trends and correlations hidden in your data.
Chart widgets illustrate the distribution of a total value.
Status widgets provide the best indication of current performance.
ADM widgets display the observed dependencies of a multi-tier application, such as the servers involved and clients served.
Site Status widgets display a map with color coded pins (or clusters) showing locations you are monitoring. The color is from a score indicating whether user experience is poor (red, 0-5), marginal (yellow, 5-8), or good (blue, 8-10).
You can influence widget behavior by setting the Reporting Interval. However, not every widget type is capable of switching its Reporting Interval. Additionally, the Reporting Interval affects any widgets that have a baseline.
Reporting Interval controls how data is displayed by this widget.
Summary Sum of all values collected during the reporting period
By Time Individual values collected during the reporting period