Widget properties
Widget properties determine what your widget looks like, what type it is, how many items appear in the widget, and more.
The name of this widget. The name shows on the widget when viewed in a dashboard.
Widget titles are all you see when making dashboards, so be descriptive.
Widget Type
Build a widget from one of several base types.
For details about widget types, see Widget types and categories.
Reporting Interval
Reporting Interval controls how data is displayed by this widget.
Summary Sum of all values collected during the reporting period
By Time Individual values collected during the reporting period
Reporting Interval is an important factor in how baselines are calculated.
Max Items
Sets the maximum number of results drawn in the widget even if more results are available.
Valid Input: Valid values for tables are 100-5000 (default 100). Valid values for charts and graphs are 1-100 (default 10).
The types of items drawn differ between widget types and field combinations.
Filter strings can be added to narrow your results.
For details about filter strings, see Apex filters.
Hide empty columns
If selected, this widget hides fields that contain no data.
Fields can hide if no data was collected or no activity occurred during the reporting period.