How to begin using Apex
After Apex is properly installed, all interactions with Apex will occur through a web browser. To begin using Apex, log in to Apex.
A compatible web browser is required.
Internet Explorer 10.0 or later
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Tip! Do you need to license and activate Apex? See the instructions at How to license Apex.
1. Open a compatible web browser, and type the following URL into the location bar: https://ApexHost/oa replacing "ApexHost" with the host name or IP address of the system where Apex is installed and running.
You may notice a security certificate warning; this is normal for a self-signed certificate.
2. Log in to Apex using a user name and password managed by Apex or OMS (sold separately).
Tip! The default user name is admin, and the default password is admin, and it is case-sensitive.
You successfully logged in to Apex. All of your interactions with Apex will occur in this web interface.