How to use Connection Dynamics
There are multiple ways to open Connection Dynamics, and each depends on where you are in the application.
Connection Dynamics is available when right-clicking an IP Pair inside any widget. In table widgets specifically, you must right-click the drill-down arrow in any row that displays both client and server IP addresses or DNS names.
From a dashboard, right-click an IP Pair—or the Drill Down icon if in a table—and choose Connection Dynamics.
If you currently have a business group (instead of a probe instance) selected as your data source, you have the opportunity to specify a probe instance when the prompt appears. There is no extra prompt if your data source is set to a probe instance.
Figure 44: Connection Dynamics option from a dashboard
From an existing On-Demand ADM, click a node, then click the Drill Down icon, then Connection Dynamics.
Figure 45: Connection Dynamics option from Connection Status drill down
Connection Status Drill Down ODADMConnection Status Drill Down ODADM
You can also access Connection Dynamics from .
When accessed in this manner, there are settings for creating a Connection Dynamics job. For details, see Connection Dynamics settings.
A Connection Dynamics job starts. The progress can be seen in the job viewer.
After the Connection Dynamics job is complete, you can click the job to see a conversation table. The conversation table lists the client and server network conversations. Click one of interest to see all of its related packets and delay summaries.