Upgrade settings
There are several settings that change the behavior of version upgrades.
Check for upgrades
If selected, Apex periodically checks for upgrades. Scheduled transfers and installs rely on knowing if new versions exist.
If cleared, users must manually check for available upgrades before any scheduled transfers or installs can occur.
Show downgrade options
If selected, any available downgrade versions are displayed in the available versions list.
It is recommended to leave this cleared (disabled) if downgrading to previous versions is not desirable.
Preferred speed (Kbps)
Sets the preferred maximum transfer speed in kilobits per second.
Use the value '0' to disable this bandwidth restriction.
Use proxy server
If selected, a proxy server is used for downloading upgrade versions.
Proxy type
Sets which type of proxy server to connect to.
Proxy address
The IP address or DNS name of the proxy server.
Proxy port
The port number accepting connections to the proxy server.
Proxy user
Sets the user name expected by the proxy server for authentication.
Leave this box empty if authentication is not required.
Proxy password
Sets the password used to authenticate with the proxy server.
Leave this box empty if authentication is not required.
Download upgrades
Schedules the download of available upgrade versions.
Downloaded versions will not automatically install unless an installation schedule or upgrade policy allows it.
Install upgrades
Schedules the installation of downloaded version upgrades.
This setting affects version upgrades that are downloaded both automatically or manually.