Understanding threshold color bars in tables
Threshold color bars in table widgets reveal when normal, marginal, and critical values are observed during a reporting period. For example, a table with threshold color bars can display which hours today had critically poor VoIP MOS scores instead of summarizing the full day only.
You can identify occurrences of poor network performance within a reporting period by using threshold color bars. A table widget can be enhanced to show increments of time when marginal and critical thresholds have been crossed. If you notice a threshold has been crossed and want to investigate, you can click a threshold color bar for details and options. Or you can select multiple threshold color bars and refresh your dashboard to the time range from the selected color bars. The maximum amount of plot points shown for threshold color bars is 28.
Threshold color bars require your table widget have its reporting interval be set to Summary. Meaning, the option is unavailable in table widgets that have By Time set as the reporting interval. If you want the summary values to also show in your table widget, consider also selecting Include Summary Column when editing the data field. This inserts another column in the table that represents the total values.
Threshold color bars can only be enabled in threshold-supporting data fields. This means that only certain data fields (and never key fields) show the option. If the data field supports either baseline or performance thresholds—and either of those is selected—then the threshold color bars option is available while you edit the data field. Additionally, threshold color bars cannot work if you set Threshold Type to None, so the option is hidden in these cases.
The color of each threshold color bar is significant. Blue means normal; yellow means marginal; and red means critical. See Understanding status widgets for more details about threshold values and colors.
Conditions for threshold color bars to appear
The option to enable threshold color bars appears only under certain conditions. These conditions only apply to the data fields in your table widget, and they are described in the following table.
Table 5. Data field conditions for threshold color bars to appear
Widget >
Reporting Interval >
By Time
Data field set to performance or baseline threshold
Data field supports thresholds but is set to None
Data field does not support thresholds