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How to determine disk space requirements for transferred trending data
Because network trending can consume a lot of disk space, you need to know how much disk space to reserve.
Network trending data consumes hard disk space. Depending on your Data storage location setting in the general settings page and your storage requirements for network trending data, the network trending data could fill that drive to full capacity—this is a problem. Therefore, determine your typical 24-hour data rate and how many days of trending data you want to retain. The result indicates how much storage space is required.
To determine the amount of space required to store your desired amount of trending data:
1. Determine your typical 24-hour data rate.
Example: 15 MB or 20 GB.
The data rate is amount of trending data collected in one 24-hour period.
2. Multiply your typical 24-hour data rate by the number of days you want to retain.
Example: 15 MB x 365 days = 5.475 GB
Example: 20 GB x 30 days = 600 GB
The result is the approximate amount of hard drive space required to retain the trending data for N-number of days. This calculation gives you an understanding of how many days of transferred trending data could be retained without becoming low on disk space.
You can use the numbers you calculated to inform your decisions when setting data retention length.