A site is any geographic location and the IP addresses (defined as ‘subnets’ in Apex) assigned to that location.
You can monitor any location, even where you do not have a probe, if you create a site and define the IP addresses used at the location. Any traffic from that location that passes through a probe you have in your network becomes visible to you. This allows you to monitor site-to-site, site-to-internet, and internet-to-site traffic. To monitor intra-site traffic (for instance, traffic that does not leave one physical location, which may have one or more subnets), a probe is required at that location.
Sites are represented by pins on the world map. Depending on the zoom level of the map some sites may be combined with others. When they are combined, sites become a circle with a number in the middle. The number shows how many sites are in that area. As you zoom in the individual pins become visible. You can use your mouse wheel or the + and icons on the map to change the zoom level.
If a pin is not in the exact location you want, you can move the pin. Any time you move a pin, its location is immediately changed. No confirmation is necessary. All changes affect anyone using the system, and their screen is updated accordingly.
Figure 29: Site map
Sites are necessary for the site widget, which is used on the Site Performance dashboard. The Site Performance dashboard shows you whether any of your sites have performance issues.
If you have a large list of sites, you can filter it (upper left) by name, subnet, IP, or IP range.