How to share a dashboard view with others
Your current view of a dashboard can be shared with other Apex users. Create a dashboard URL to share through email or instant messaging, and give recipients the ability to view and interact with an identical re-creation of your dashboard.
The way dashboards are presented in your web browser depends on some client-side choices. These include:
The dashboard you select.
The business group or probe instance you select.
The reporting period you select.
Any temporary dashboard filters you apply.
To share your current view of a dashboard with other people and ensure all your client-side choices are retained throughout, you must create a shareable URL and send it to your fellow Apex users:
1. In the web interface, click .
2. Select a dashboard from the leftmost pane by clicking it.
Ensure you are choosing a site or system dashboard. You cannot share a user dashboard.
3. Click the share icon .
The Share button can be seen in Figure 14.
Figure 14: Share button
Apex Share button locationApex Share button location
4. From the dialog box that appears, copy the entire Dashboard URL to your Windows clipboard.
5. Paste the entire URL into your instant message, email, or document, and send it to your fellow Apex users.
You successfully shared your current view of a site or system dashboard with other Apex users. Your recipients can now visit the URL you shared and see the dashboard in the same state as when it was originally shared.