Connection Dynamics settings
Sets which probe instance is used for this Connection Dynamics job. For this job, all shown conversations come from this probe instance only.
It is recommended to select a probe instance that regularly collects network trending data and has broad visibility of the network.
Time Range
The Connection Dynamics job shows conversations within this date and time range only.
Times and dates are calculated by your web browser. Always use your local time zone and not the time zone of the GigaStor.
Example: Set ‘Trailing Hour’ for the current hour regardless of the physical time zone of the target GigaStor.
Client IP
Limits results to conversations containing this IP as the client IP address. Required.
Server IP
Limits results to conversations containing this IP as the server IP address. Required.
Filter Type
Narrow your results by adding a filter type.
None Conversations using any application or port
Application Conversations using a specific application
Server Port Conversations where 'Server IP' is using a specific port
Selecting 'None' may increase the time it takes to process the job.
Only return conversations that are using this application.
Example: HTTP -or- 'WebSphere MQ'
Even more at Apex filters.
Server Port
Only return conversations in which Server IP is using this network port.
Example: TCP or UDP