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How to modify baseline calculations
Baselines help uncover how much a statistic has changed over time.
Baselines are calculated using the preceding two days or two intervals depending on Day-of-Week Baseline Sensitivity.
1. Toggle Day-of-Week Baseline Sensitivity.
For details about how this setting affects your dashboards, see Understanding Day-of-Week Baseline Sensitivity.
Figure 4: Day-of-Week Baseline Sensitivity
2. Modify a threshold.
Any widgets that have a baseline metric use the dashboard time setting in combination with Day-of-Week Baseline Sensitivity to calculate the baseline. Data and baselines are updated whenever the dashboard is refreshed. Certain dashboards can be automatically refreshed.
Ensure the threshold type is set to Baseline. See How to edit a widget.
Figure 5: Where threshold type is set
Image of widget threshold type selectorImage of widget threshold type selector